Nicole created the site this week and I was able to spend a large amount of time designing the basic outline, creating blank pages that would eventually link back to each other, etc. I was lucky because Krystal provided me with an overview idea of what they were looking for, and I was able to follow her instructions to build a base. The design ideas they provided for me were a little text heavy though, so as I considered the user(s) I tried to make the site as easy to navigate as possible, which meant not having too much text on the home page, or the initial landing pages for each section.

I also attempted to engage the user through the word choices I used. For example, instead of “List of Album Contributors”, “Timeline of Events” and “Map” I went with “Meet the Contributors”, “Experience the Events” and “Retrace Their Steps”. Hopefully, this language is more enticing and encourages users to click around and engage more with our page.

I spent a long time looking over the Library Company’s existing website for the Album, which is not nearly as involved as the one I am making. However, there was some text on there that was not in any of the documents I was given and I was able to use it on the new site, knowing the copy was already acceptable and part of the LCP’s message.

I’m excited to be working on this project and finally have a site to play around with! I’ve been designing in my head and I look forward to seeing it come to life.

Beginning to Build the Site